Clear Aviary Mesh

Our Aviary Mesh is Flexible and Easy to Work With!

The mesh can either be stapled to a wooden structure, or attached to a metal pole structure and separate pieces can be joined together quickly and easily using hog rings. ClearMesh is suitable for many applications, the containment of animals being just one. This mesh can also be used for pond coverings or to keep birds away from particular areas or buildings. ClearMesh is soft against animals, and therefore makes a great ethical animal deterrent. The bird aviary mesh can be easily cut down to any size or shape that is required with a strong pair of scissors, however, it is tough against knife attacks, keeping the animals inside completely safe.We can manufacture this product up to 30 metres long and 2 metres wide.

Aviary mesh panels with budgies inside
Small bird aviary enclosure in back garden

ClearMesh is a stainless steel knitted wire bird aviary mesh designed for the use of outdoor bird and animal enclosures. Knitted from either a 0.265mm wire, a 0.35mm wire or a 0.50mm wire, ClearMesh is both easy to see through whilst being robust and tough against weather, corrosion and cuts and slashes. Being stainless steel, the mesh is all-weather resistant and anti-corrosive. Once installed, this product has been known to last for more than 15 years without showing any signs of deterioration. ClearMesh also has a UV coverage of <20%. ClearMesh has been used in zoos and animal sanctuaries across the country and around the world; the most notable being: Chester Zoo, Bristol Zoo and Newquay Zoo. This product has also proven to be popular within the consumer market.

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