How to Install ClearMesh

ClearMesh is easy to install, lightweight and flexible, giving you creative freedom when designing and building your aviary.

The best process for installing ClearMesh is dependant upon the structure that you plan on using. Different installation methods can be used for metal and wooden structures. There are also some installation tips that you should be aware of. 

Tips for ClearMesh Installation

Due to its knitted pattern, you should fold over the edge of the mesh when installing and joining it to prevent it from unravelling. Alternatively to folding the mesh, overlapping will also work for joining the mesh together. 

You may want to paint the mesh black to further increase visibility into the aviary/exhibit. To achieve this, most customers use a paint roller and apply the paint after the mesh has been installed. Be sure to use a paint that will not harm your animals and ensure that the paint is dry before allowing them into the aviary/exhibit.

Ensuring that the mesh is pulled tightly during installation can prevent it from being stretched under the weight of snow, predators or your animals.

Installing onto Wood

When installing ClearMesh onto a wooden structure, the most secure method is to sandwich the edges in-between two pieces of wood. Most customers choose to use staples to secure the mesh onto the wood. 

As mentioned above, ensure that you fold over the edges of the mesh, or place the staples a few stitches in from the edge to prevent the mesh from unravelling. 

outdoor square shaped aviary

Installing onto Metal

ClearMesh can be installed onto metal poles using either tie wire, cable ties or we can provide some of our wire for an added cost. It is best to use stainless steel wire for installing the mesh against other metals to prevent the mesh from rusting.

Welding the mesh to a metal structure should be avoided, as the weld can begin to rust and affect the integrity of the mesh.

Spacing the metal poles out by 2 metres will prevent you from having to join the mesh together. 

Service users of Old Tree Nursery installing ClearMesh onto poly tunnel

If you are still unsure how to install ClearMesh or have any questions regarding this article, then please feel free to contact us for further clarification.