Bird Aviary Mesh – Joining

Joining Bird Aviary Mesh

We have had many enquiries about joining bird aviary mesh together, so we thought that we would compile all of the different ways to join our mesh into one article!

The process of joining the mesh together is not actually as complex as some may believe, it is extremely simple, inexpensive and will not negatively impact the strength of the mesh.

'Twizzing' and Hog Rings

The most common methods of joining our mesh together are ‘twizzing’ and hog rings. Both of these methods are quick and simple, by joining one loop from joining the side of each piece of mesh together. You can see these methods in action in the video to the right.


Another method for joining the mesh together includes stapling the mesh onto a wooden baton, such as the image to the right.

This is a great way to produce a seamless joint without obstructing too much of the view into the enclosure.

Bird Aviary Mesh Attached to Wooden Frame


An alternative method of joining 2 pieces of mesh is to stitch them together using wire, which we can supply to you at an added cost.

We recommend using stainless steel as this is resistant to corrosion and conforms to the long lasting quality of the mesh.

Bird Aviary Mesh Stitched together

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