Aviary Mesh – RSPB

Aviary Mesh - RSPB

We have been supplying our aviary mesh to the RSPB to help protect the seabirds of Gough Island.

Gough Island is a volcanic island located in the South Atlantic Ocean, more than 1,500 miles off the shore of Cape Town, South Africa. The island acts as a nesting ground to seabirds such as various types of Albatrosses, Petrels and Moorhens.

Mice have been accidentally introduced to the island and have been feeding on all species of the seabird chicks, devastating the number of eggs and chicks being raised. Several species of seabird are now facing extinction as a direct result. 

Albatross chick in nest

With our aviary mesh, the RSPB are doing all that they can to protect the seabirds and their chicks from extinction. ClearMesh is extremely robust against rodents. The RSPB have made some fantastic aviaries for the Moorhens to safeguard their population until the eradication of the invasive mice, after which the Moorhens will be released.

Considering the islands rough terrain, the RSPB have had to fly in their equipment via helicopter, our aviary mesh is very lightweight making it ideal for navigating harsh terrains.

aviary mesh on gough islad for moorhens RSPB
aviary mesh gough island RSPB

This project has been completed previously on the South Georgia Island by the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT). This project was a massive success and the island is now completely rodent free, giving great hope for the future of Gough Island.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits and uses of our ClearMesh, or you would like to see how our ClearMesh can help your conservation project, then please feel free to contact us.