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ClearMesh is a stainless steel knitted wire mesh that is used for the building of aviaries and animal enclosures. It is suitable for birds, small mammals and some reptiles. There are 3 different ClearMesh products to choose from.

Stainless steel is all weather resistant, anti-corrosive and safe for your birds, unlike galvanised wire which can actually be toxic for your bird.

Knitted wire mesh is a mesh made from knitting wire. This creates a knitted loop pattern throughout the mesh, and offers an easier view into an enclosure as a result. The mesh is extremely flexible, lightweight and easy to work with, helping you to be creative with your enclosure designs.

Close up of stainless steel knitted wire mesh

ClearMesh can be manufactured up to 2m wide and 15m long, depending upon your requirements. If you require smaller pieces, you will be charged a cutting fee of £15 per piece. The hole size within the stitches is approximately 5mm. The mesh will arrive as a 2m long roll. 

If you wish for a larger sized mesh, you can join the aviary mesh together in a variety of different ways. You can find more information on this via the documentation above, our blog post, and our YouTube video demonstration.

We do not currently supply the mesh in black, however we can supply you with some matt black paint and a mini roller at an added cost. We are doing some R&D work and trying to find a supplier for black stainless steel wire and we hope to be supplying black mesh in the near future!

This is another R&D project of ours. We have managed to open up our stitch in an attempt to allow more pollinators to pass through the mesh, however there is still some work to be done. You can find any updates for this on our blog page or in our newsletter.

The products are named after their wire diameters, meaning that ClearMesh25 is knit from a 0.25mm wire, and ClearMesh35 is knit with a 0.35mm wire. Our HT product is a double knit using the 0.25mm wire alongside a high tensile wire.

All of our customers have so far not experienced any damaged feathers from using our mesh. We have even had some customers select our mesh to replace their standard welded mesh as it was causing more damage to their bird. Once they had installed ClearMesh, the problems stopped.

We have had falconers express concern over the standard ClearMesh25 product, worried that it might damage a their falcons feet due to how thin the wire is. Due to this, we often recommend our ClearMesh35 or HT products for larger Birds of Prey.

We do believe that the holes within the mesh are too small for a falcon to grab hold of anyway, but without the mesh having been tested, we recommend you select which product you would feel best with.

From previous experiences with customers, the birds tend to bounce off the mesh, as opposed to clinging to it.

ClearMesh50 is our limited edition mesh knit from a 0.50mm wire, being thicker than CM25 and CM35. This is only available at certain times, and comes at a premium price. If you would like to be notified when our ClearMesh50 product becomes available, you can sign up for our newsletter.

If your mesh has a hole, or any other quality issues, DO NOT use it. Contact us as soon as you can and we will replace it for you free of charge. Any defaults within the mesh could cause the mesh to unravel and worsen. 

Our lead times vary dependent upon which product you want to order, product demand, machine availability, wire availability and staff availability. If your product is already in stock, we can ship this out on a next day delivery, however if we need to manufacture your mesh to order then the longest wait time we have currently experienced so far is 8 weeks.

We always highly recommend ordering the mesh plenty of time before you will be using it.

There are multiple ways of installing the mesh, the most common being with wood or metal poles.

The mesh can be stretched across a wooden frame, and sandwiched between another wooden frame to prevent it from unravelling at the edges. Alternatively, it can be attached to metal poles using wire or cable ties.

You should always ensure that your mesh is tight and secure, just like a knitted jumper, the edges of the mash can unravel and cause holes where your birds / animals could potentially escape.

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