It is well known that domestic cats are contributing to the destruction of biodiversity by hunting for mice and birds, and owners are now making the decision to keep their cats indoors to protect both their cat and the environment. This new way of life for domestic cats has caused some owners to feel guilty about keeping their fur-babies from exploring the great outdoors. A catio is a great way to allow your cat some outdoor time whilst also ensuring their safety.

Letting Your Cats Outdoors Safely.

There are many ways of allowing your cats some outdoor time without the risk of a great escape, the most obvious option being to walk your cat on a lead.

Some people choose to walk their cat out in public, others prefer to walk them around their garden for added security.

Some cats are not comfortable with this method as it involves wearing a harness, so it is important to ensure that your cat does not get stressed out, otherwise you may want to consider an alternative method.

Cat on a lead

ClearMesh Catio

A great way of allowing you cat to get some outdoor exercise is through a ‘catio’ or a cat run. These are outdoor cat enclosures that look a little bit like an aviary. 

This allows your cat to have free reign of a certain area of your garden whilst being securely enclosed. These enclosures can be decorated with cat toys and climbable areas.

You could also use mesh to enclose the cat within the garden itself to prevent them from climbing over and escaping.

Catio fence guard made with ClearMesh

ClearMesh is extremely easy to see through and nearly invisible even when standing close, offering a pleasing aesthetic for outdoor enclosures for birds, small mammals and some reptiles. Certain ClearMesh products are ideal for building a catio enclosure and, when installed properly, will hold the weight of your cat.

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