Our Top 5 Favourite ClearMesh Builds of 2021

As we are coming up to the end of 2021, a year mostly spent indoors in the protection of our own homes, we thought it would be a good idea to share a list of our top 5 favourite ClearMesh builds of the year!

During a time of isolation and loneliness, our animals helped us through and kept us sane. We have loved seeing all of your builds throughout the year and cannot wait to see what new builds await us in the new year!

No. 5

This indoor budgie house is unique and creative! Made from an old cupboard converted into a budgie house using our ClearMesh to cover the front.

By adding some perches, toys, water and food, this customer has given their budgies much more room than a standard budgie cage.

The budgie cabinet is able to blend in much better with the customers home furniture rather than being an eyesore.

Top marks for creativity!

budgie's inside cabinet aviary perching

No. 4

This outdoor aviary designed for Macaws uses our ClearMesh35 to cover the entire area.

The build is minimalistic and elegantly decorated inside with naturalistic perches and bird safe plants!

Using wooden pillars to join the 2m wide mesh together, the view into the aviary from the outside is open and basically unobstructed.

Outdoor Macaw Aviary

No. 3

A more unique use for our ClearMesh25 is this outdoor tortoise run designed by one of our customers.

Although tortoises can’t climb, this mesh roof will protect tortoises, Eddie and Polly, from any outward threats such as pests and predators!

This uncommon use began the mission for testing ClearMesh against UV to see how much it would let through and allow reptile owners to make a more informed decision.

Thank you for pushing us to do better!

outdoor long tortoise run
No. 2

This mixed aviary is a very impressive size and shape, perfectly demonstrating the versatility of ClearMesh.

This aviary received one of the biggest reactions on our Facebook Page and houses doves, quail, pheasants, silver bills and finches!

Large wooden outdoor mixed aviary
No. 1

The number 1 position for ClearMesh Builds of 2021 goes to WILD Zoological Park! 

WILD used ClearMesh25 for their brand new walk-through Lorikeet Lagoon habitat. We visited the customer earlier in the year to see for ourselves, only to find that over half of their habitats were also covered in ClearMesh!

Keep up the great work WILD!

Mesh on zoo enclosure roof for lorikeets

For the year of 2022, we will be hosting a ClearMesh Habitat Of The Year competition, where the winner will be in with the chance of winning a (yet to be declared) prize! To await further instructions of how to enter and what prizes are up for grabs, join our ClearMesh Community page on Facebook.