UK UV Testing Results

A couple of weeks ago we shared our UV testing results from the US, and we have just received back our UK UV testing results from Mark (thanks Mark!). The main bulk of our customers are based either in the UK or the US, and so we wanted to have the mesh tested in both of these places. We also wanted to see if the amount of UV allowed into an enclosure would be affected by different environments.

The UK UV Testing Results

ClearMesh 25

The UK UV testing results of the ClearMesh 25 results show a decrease of 26 microwatts, giving an overall decrease of 11.9%.

ClearMesh25 is knit with a 0.265mm wire, making it our thinest wire mesh available in regards to our ClearMesh products.

This products is more suited towards tortoises.

UK UV testing ClearMesh 25 result

ClearMesh 35

The result for ClearMesh35 shows an increase in the outside UV levels, and shows a decrease of 80 microwatts, meaning an overall decrease of 36%.

ClearMesh35 is knit with a 0.35mm wire, a slightly thicker wire than CM25. 

CM35 is best suited to tortoises and other small reptiles.

ClearMesh 35 UV testing results

ClearMesh HT

These UK UV testing results show a decrease in natural UV levels, and a decrease of 76 Microwatts, making the overall decrease at 37%

ClearMesh is our only twin knit CM product available, knit with a 0.265mm wire and a high tensile wire, and was designed to withstand up to 250kg of weight.

This mesh is best suited to medium sized reptiles, and potentially some larger reptiles.

ClearMesh HT UV testing results

The Conclusion

The UK UV testing results show that our standard ClearMesh25 allows more UV into an enclosure, as it is knit from a thinner wire, making the gaps in the mesh larger. You should research your reptile and its UV needs before deciding upon a ClearMesh product.

Our next step is to have our ClearMesh tested against against different reptile species, small to large, to gain a better understanding of what our different products are able to withstand.

If you would be interested in testing our mesh against your reptiles, or know someone who would be interested, then please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, you can order FREE samples to see the product for yourself.