ClearMesh Zoo Visits

ClearMesh has been used in zoo’s not only across the country, but across the world for a number of different species including the likes of birds, primates, reptiles and mammals. Our ClearMesh zoo customer visits are extremely important to us to ensure the safety and security of our mesh for new species and to ensure that the mesh is performing as the zoo needs it to. 

Last week we did two customer visits to WILD Zoological Park and Old Tree Nursery / Sensory Park

WILD Zoological Park

We began the day at Wild Zoological Park speaking with Zachery, the zoo’s director. Zachery purchased three of our our ClearMesh25 rolls to cover the roof of their latest enclosure ‘Lorikeet Lagoon’ as part of the wild Australia habitat. 

WILD are a small zoo located in Stourbridge.

Wild Zoological Park Logo

Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised to find that WILD have actually purchased from us several times, and that half of the enclosures within the zoo are using ClearMesh! The mesh has been used for iris’, hornbills, lorikeets, marmosets and owls. 

The lorikeet lagoon enclosure is the only habitat within the zoo to use ClearMesh to cover a large area of roof. To achieve this, the zoo has used hog rings to join the mesh edges together.

The joins have been made close enough together to ensure that the birds can not squeeze through any gaps and escape.

Lorikeet lagoon is a walkthrough enclosure in which guests can feed the birds and have them land on you. 

ClearMesh roof being used at zoo with lorikeets

We hereby declare WILD Zoological Park to be named the official ‘ClearMesh Zoo’, if you are wanting to see our ClearMesh products in action then this is the perfect place to go!

Old Tree Nursery / Sensory Park

Old Tree Nursery is our latest ClearMesh partnership! OTN is a animal sanctuary and SEN learning centre in which people with complex learning difficulties can spend the day caring for the animals that find themselves in their care. 

Knitwire have gifted 3 rolls of our ClearMesh25 product to the sanctuary to help them with building a new aviary for some ring-tailed lemurs that they are expecting.

The aviary will also feature other suitable animals that the sanctuary takes in such as birds and other small primates.

Company director and service user stood outside of Old Tree Nursery reception

Old Tree Nursery are soon to be featured on the Channel 5 show Milkshake, in which a service user will be working at the sanctuary for a day to see how it is run and the amount of work that goes in to caring for the animals.

The centre, owned by Wolverhampton Council and managed by Greensquare Accord Housing association and Sensory Park, both of whom deal with vulnerable adults and children (social and vulnerable adults), was born out of a derelict garden centre during the first national lockdown, during which time the service users were isolating, and has since been transformed into a spacious sanctuary for animals from both a domestic and wild environment that are in need of care.

Old Tree Nursery has a huge variety of animals including the likes of goats, pigs, sheep, chickens, parrots, ducks and meerkats, all of which have been sent to them by local authorities and animal rescue centres.

The in situ management team and service users are hard at work rebuilding the enclosures to ensure that the animals have all the space and enrichment that they need. Upon taking over the property, GSA and Sensory Park were left with mountains of chicken wire, which they are eager to replace as they finds it unsuitable for the animals.

Service users of Old Tree Nursery installing ClearMesh onto poly tunnel

We are excited to see the growth of Old Tree Nursery animal sanctuary and the wonderful work that they do. 

Do you want to be our next ClearMesh zoo customer visit?

If you have used any of our ClearMesh products at your zoo or sanctuary then please let us know! We would love to set up a visit and see what you have done with the product.