Why to Build Your Own Aviary

There are different options for pre-made aviaries of different shapes and sizes, however these can be quite limiting in terms of shapes and sizes. Building your own aviary allows you to be creative, and you can build an aviary that meets all of your requirements rather than trying to find a pre-built aviary that is exactly right.

Get Creative

Being able to build your own aviary to the exact size and shape that you require or desire is a huge advantage over pre-built aviaries. 

You can build an aviary to any shape, size and style that you want and decorate however you like. It also gives you the chance to ensure that your aviary is suitable for the species that you have. 

Macaw aviary using ClearMesh aviary mesh


Outdoor budgie aviary

Building your own aviary also helps you to ensure that your materials are safe for your birds or animals. Some metal types are poisonous to specific animals, such as galvanised wire being toxic to some bird species.

You will also be able to ensure that there are no sharp edges or nails sticking out of anywhere, and ensure that predators and pests cannot enter into the enclosure.

Long Lasting

Being able to choose your own building materials can help you to ensure a long lasting structure. 

Opting for metal poles instead of wood, or stainless steel mesh instead of galvanised, can have an impact on the lifetime of your enclosure.

Depending upon your location, your aviary may need to be weather resistant, withstanding high or cold temperatures, snow, wind or harsh environmental elements near the seaside. You can ensure that your aviary is weather proof through the materials that you choose to build with.

aviary mesh covering garden

Build Your Own Aviary With ClearMesh

Bird Aviary mesh over back garden with African grey parrots

ClearMesh will cover all of the above points for your aviary. Our aviary mesh is flexible and easy to work with, allowing you to get creative with your design.

ClearMesh is robust against pests and predators, and is slash resistant.

Being made from stainless steel means that our mesh is completely safe for all bird species and is resistant against harsh weather and environments. 

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