Outdoor Aviaries By The Seaside

Seaside Aviaries

One of the main benefits of choosing our stainless steel mesh for outdoor aviaries is the anti-corrosive properties and weather resistance. These properties make ClearMesh ideal to use outdoors, being able to withstand soaring temperatures, UV rays and freezing cold.

Our products are knitted from a 304 grade of stainless steel wire as a standard, however, different grades of stainless steel have different strengths. Some grades are better with corrosion, whereas others are better with heat. This is why we always advise our customers to contact us if they have any specific requirements that they are concerned about.

Customisable Outdoor Aviaries

Alongside having a completely customisable aviary structure with our mesh, we can also customise it to your needs. Thanks to customer feedback, not only have we customised our wire diameters to welcome new products, but we can also customise the material to your environment!

A perfect example of this is aviaries that are near the seaside. We have had quite a few enquiries for this type of environment. For this issue we always recommend that we use a 316 grade of stainless steel as opposed to 304, as the 316 has stronger anti-corrosive properties to protect better against the high levels of salt corrosion.

Case Study

We had a customer contact us who was concerned about his seaside environment and the strength of the mesh. To ensure that we fully met his requirements, we offered him our ClearMesh HT product in a 316 grade of stainless steel. 

side of outdoor aviary in a seaside setting

As many of you may now know, we always welcome customer feedback and work hard to create products that meet our customers needs. If you feel you have any special requirements for your outdoor aviary mesh, then we invite you to contact us for a full discussion on how we can work with you to achieve your desired result.