Kamp Kenan Sponsorship Update

Kamp Kenan Sponsorship Update!

As many of you may know, we are currently in the middle of a sponsorship with Kamp Kenan, supplying him with some mesh to make a brand new giant enclosure for his adult Rhino Iguanas!

The sponsorship video has been put on hold at present due to a change in mesh product and the current soaring temperatures in Florida preventing Kenan from doing much building work. You can see project updates on Kenans YouTube channel.

Who is Kamp Kenan?

Kamp Kenan, ran by ex-BMXer and TV presenter Kenan Harkin, is a small reptile sanctuary based in Florida which features many realistic outdoor enclosures promoting animal welfare and conservation.

Kenan hosts a YouTube channel to promote the benefits of keeping reptiles outdoors in hotter areas, conservation efforts out in the wild and general reptile care for pet owners. Kenan keeps many reptiles ranging from turtles and tortoises to lizards and snakes, and has many years of reptile keeping experience under his belt.

New Additions to the Kamp!

Kenan has released an update video onto his channel showing off his brand new baby additions to the kamp! 

The kamp has welcomed 13 new baby Rhino Iguanas that have hatched from their eggs over the weekend. All 13 babies seem to be doing well and have been isolated from the mother for their own protection. Kenan will now be moving them into their own small nursery encosure until they have been sent to their new homes. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of the baby Iguanas, you can do so by contacting Kenan directly. His contact details can be found on the Kamp Kenan website.

If you would like to order your free sample of our Kenan sponsorship mesh, you can fill out this form and select the ClearMesh 35 option.