The Benefits of Keeping Birds.

It is very often debated that keeping birds in cages is considered cruel. In some cases, it is imperative to the survival of a species. Domesticated birds are not suitable for a life in the wild. Their natural instincts suffer when exposed to a life with humans for too long, as many pet birds are bred for.

It is absolutely possible to keep birds at home and keep them mentally engaged and entertained. In our post we will discuss the benefits of keeping birds and ways to keep your bird entertained at home.

Benefits of Keeping Birds at Home

Keeping birds has been proven to have the same benefit as interacting with humans, as their companionship is very similar to that of living with another person, therefore battling loneliness.

Birds can also be considered better companions than other potential pets as they tend to have a longer life-span, especially the likes of parrots. They can also be relatively cheap to keep compared to other types of pets.

Having a pet bird around children can also teach empathy, giving your child a friend to talk to when they get home from school, a friend that can potentially understand what they are saying and even reply!

Keeping Your Bird Entertained at Home

Birds are extremely intelligent creatures, evident in their ability to migrate and return every year. Birds even have the ability to use tools, which is why it is extremely important to keep your bird mentally stimulated with problem solving toys. 

These type of toys can be easily found at pet stores and online, or even made from resources found at home! It is also important to allow your bird a decent amount of flying time every day. Some owners even allow their birds free reign of the house, using a room as a “bedroom” for their bird.

Another way to keep your bird mentally stimulated is to replicate their wild environments through an outdoor or indoor aviary, just remember to keep them warm/cool in the winter and summer seasons (you can find more information on this here).

Aviaries allow you to replicate wild habitats and allow your bird plenty of flying time and mental stimulus all at the same time! Our ClearMesh products offer a secure and robust protection between your bird and the outside world, keeping your bird healthy, happy and safe while they enjoy some outdoor exercise.