UV Testing Results

As many of you may know, we have sent samples of our ClearMesh products off to be tested to see how much UV they would allow into a reptile enclosure. We have been seeing some of you in our comments section on FaceBook eagerly awaiting the results of the UV testing, and now the wait is over!

Please note: These tests results are from the US, however we are also having the mesh tested in the UK, more results to follow shortly!

The UV Testing Method

We have sent samples of each of our ClearMesh products to a kind gentleman called Chris over in the US (thanks Chris!), who has then attached these to a wooden frame and used a Solarmeter UV index meter to measure the amount of UV above and underneath the mesh screen. This process was then repeated for each ClearMesh product.

Chris is a reptile keeper and understands the importance of good UV access for the species.

ClearMesh stretched across wooden frame

UV Test Results

ClearMesh 25

The first of the samples to get tested was our standard ClearMesh25, which is single knit with stainless steel 0.25mm wire.

The UV testing results showed the natural UVB levels without the mesh to be 8.1 and 6.7 underneath the mesh.

ClearMesh25 is the finest mesh that we offer and is suitable for tortoises and other floor-bound reptiles, but is not suitable for larger reptiles or reptiles that are prone to climbing.

solar meter reading for ClearMesh 25

ClearMesh 35

ClearMesh35 is also a single knit with a stainless steel 0.35mm wire. This product was created as a stronger alternative to CM25 for birds who have a tendency to bite and pull at the mesh.

The results for this mesh show that the natural UV rose from 8.1 to 8.4, and the level of UV allowed through the mesh is 6.1.

ClearMesh35 is suitable for small reptiles both grounded and climbing.

UV test results for ClearMesh 35

ClearMesh HT

ClearMeshHT is our strongest and most durable ClearMesh product. It is a double knit product with both a 0.25mm wire and a high tensile wire and how been known to hold up to 250kg!

The results for HT show another increase in natural UV, and a level of 5.9 underneath the mesh.

ClearMesh HT is suitable for floor-bound medium to large reptiles, but has not yet been tested against climbing for medium to large reptiles.

UV test results for ClearMesh HT


It goes without saying, that the thicker the wire diameter, the less UV is allowed to pass through. When selecting a mesh to use for your reptile, you should consider both the strength of the mesh and the level of UV that is allowed to pass through.

You should do research into your species to discover how much UV they would need if kept in an outdoor enclosure.

Would you like to test the mesh for yourself? You can order free samples here. We would love for you to contact us with your results!