UK Birds of Prey | Buzzard

The buzzard is now the most common and widespread bird of prey found across the UK. Their numbers have quadrupled since 1970, but they have had a troubling past. Buzzards have a very close appearance to that of the golden eagle, and are often referred to as the ‘tourist eagle’ due to the common confusion between the two species.

According to, “Buzzards have never been popular with falconers, as they tend to be far too lazy to be taught to fly at live quarry.”

Buzzard Statistics

Length: 51 – 57cm

Wingspan: 113 – 128cm

Weight: 550 – 1,000g (male), 700 – 1,300g (female)

Average lifespan: 8 years.

Number of eggs: 2 – 4

Incubation: 33 – 35 days.

Fledgling time: 50 – 55 days.

Buzzard flying


Up until 1970, buzzard numbers were quite low, and buzzard sitings were not as common. Due to gamekeepers and pesticide usage, protection laws were implemented to help increase the number of buzzards. It is now estimated that there may be over 70,000 breeding pairs across the UK, and there is currently no need for conservation efforts other than habitat management to prevent any further threats.

When and Where to Find Buzzards

Buzzards can be found widespread in every country within the UK. They can also be found all year round, but they fly, display and call most often in spring.

The best habitats in which to find them include; woodland, moorland, marshland, villages and sometimes even cities. 

Buzzards are typically brown with a white necklace, white undersides to their wings, a hooked beak and large feet.

Buzzard perched on branch

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