Aviary Mesh Customer Visits

Our Aviary Mesh Customer Visits

We sell many different types of aviary mesh to many different types of customers. Some are general members of the public wanting to build their own bird aviary in their back yard, and some are small to large businesses such as falconries or zoos. 

We wanted to go and visit some of our aviary mesh customers to see how they make the best use of our mesh and to receive feedback on our aviary mesh products. Our meshes are so versatile that not one aviary ends up looking the same. 

The Feathery Folk

Our first aviary mesh customer visit of the day was to Libby at The Feathery Folk, who attend educational events with their Birds Of Prey to share their knowledge of each of the species. Libby has been a fantastic help to the development of our products to ensure that they are safe for Birds Of Prey.

Libby contacted us some time ago to express her concern that the ClearMesh 25 wire may be too thin for her birds delicate claws when he was landing on it. Since then we have developed products using a thicker wire for customers keeping any species of Birds Of Prey. The great thing about knitted wire mesh is that despite the thicker wire, the product is still extremely easy to see through into an enclosure.

aviary mesh knitted wire mesh with owl out of focus in background
aviary mesh knitted wire mesh with owl in focus in background

Shoreside Stables

Our second customer visit of the day was to Helen at Shoreside Stables who wanted to build a small aviary to hold her budgies. Helen found that the mesh was great for keeping the budgies inside, however she was concerned about keeping her many cats outside.

For Helen, we decided to send out another roll, free of charge, so that she could double skin her current mesh, adding an extra layer of protection and security. Helen is now extremely happy with her aviary and feeling confident that her cats will not be able to break through.

outdoor aviary against side of building
2 cats sat together

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