Falconry Aviaries

Falconry Aviaries

We have supplied many customers and organisations with our mesh to create falconry aviaries for many different species of Birds of Prey. Falconry aviaries are set up differently to those of other bird species, so we thought we would give you some top tips that we have found from our customers!

Tips For Building Your Aviary

Aviaries for falconry birds are best as enclosed areas, as opposed to full aviaries. According to IAF (International Association for Falconry), “Some very tame and calm individual birds, especially Buzzards, Eagles and Harris Hawks, can be kept in aviaries made completely from mesh wire”.

One of our customers, Mr. Stanley, had the idea of adapting a shed into an enclosed space to hold his Harris Hawk, Skye. He also decided to cut a window into the enclosure so that he could check on the bird easily, using our mesh across the open space to ensure that the bird could not escape. You may have already seen this project in our monthly newsletter. If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so here.

construction of falconry aviary shed outdoors

Aviary Security

Should your home have any other fury friends, it is also important to keep these away from your falconry aviaries as they could be harmful to your birds. Extra care is needed with smaller birds as they are more often targetted by preditors. When considering one of our mesh products, we always advise ordering our free samples so that you can see the strength of each of them before making a purchase. 

Most of our meshes will protect against rodents, and some will protect against larger predators such as cats and foxes. In fact, our mesh is currently being used by the RSPB on Gough Island to protect sea birds against rodents. You can read the full story here.

row of wooden aviaries

Lighting Your Falconry Aviaries

Our customer Mr. Stanley, who converted the shed, has also shared with us the lighting that he has installed for when he checks his Harris Hawk, Skye, in the evening. As birds are sensitive to light and have colour vision, our customer decided to use coloured bulbs to help protect the Hawk’s vision. 

green light shining on falconry aviary
Harris Hawk on Perch

As much as we teach our customers about our mesh, our customers also teach us about different bird species and conservation, which is what makes our job so much more enjoyable!

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