Aviary Wire Mesh – Best Choice

Choosing The Best Aviary Wire Mesh

Choosing the best aviary wire mesh can be a daunting and confusing task for those who are new to the DIY aviary scene. There are a few important matters to keep in mind when selecting the perfect wire mesh for your feathery friends! The health and safety of the bird is, of course, paramount, however, there are also other matters to take into consideration, such as ease of installation, durability, and visibility to name a few.

In this article, we will cover each of these points to help you to make an informed decision!

Bird Safety

The safety of your bird(s) is the most important matter when selecting an aviary wire mesh. Wire mesh can be manufactured from a variety of different materials, some of which are animal friendly, and some that are not. Galvanized wire can be a tempting choice due to its low cost, however, this material contains high amounts of zinc, which can be toxic to birds. When selecting a wire material, it is best to look toward stainless steel. Stainless steel is anti-corrosive, weather-resistant, and completely safe for birds and other animals. This material may cost a little more but will last longer and is animal friendly.

Another issue to keep in mind is the size of the holes within the mesh. If the holes are too big, the bird could either escape or become trapped and seriously injure itself. You should always check the gap size before purchasing to ensure that it will securely hold your bird.

Dependent upon your local area, you may also need to select a mesh that will not only keep the bird in but also keep any predators out. Rodents and foxes are a common predator to birds that are kept outside in aviaries. If you predict that you may have a few unwanted visitors, you may want to consider using a higher wire diameter. The higher the wire diameter, the thicker the wire, and the harder it is to slash/cut through. 


If you are a DIY novice, you may want to consider a mesh that is easy to install. For this, you should consider the weight of the mesh, flexibility, and structure. Wrought iron is another animal-friendly material, however, it can be extremely heavy and unpractical when installing. Stainless steel can be a very light product, especially when it is a knitted mesh.

Knitted mesh also offers flexibility, meaning that it is extremely easy to attach to nearly any structure made from either wood, metal, or plastic. 

We offer a range of stainless steel knitted aviary wire mesh products in a variety of different wire diameters and lengths. You can order a free sample of each of our products to compare which may be more suitable for your bird species, your environment, and your DIY skill level. If you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us using our contact form or the details provided on our company contact page.