Rodent Pest Control Aviary Mesh

When keeping birds outside, it is important to consider what form of rodent pest control you will use to keep your birds safe and healthy. Rodents are known for spreading disease and chewing through just about anything that will fit between their teeth.

ClearMesh makes an effective barrier between your birds and rodents, among other pests such as wasps, bee’s and other large insects, so you can house your birds without the added costs of pest control.

Over in South Africa, our ClearMesh35 product was tested against a Cape dune mole rat and tested against corrosion underground to find the most effective and cost efficient material to be used as a mole rat barrier. In order to be efficient, the material would need to be resistant against a mole rat attack whilst also being resistant against corrosion after being buried underground.

The Mole Rat Test

The mole rat test was conducted using a fake perspex burrowing system wherein the mole rat would be starved for 6 hours and then separated from its food via our ClearMesh35 barrier. 2 mole rats were used during the experiment to ensure a conclusive result. 

The Cape dune mole rat is the largest of the species, and has considerably large and sharp teeth. They are considered a pest in South Africa as they chew on roots of trees and plants, destroying gardens and farms.

The underground tunnels that they create can also cause the ground to become unstable. This is especially dangerous around areas such as airport runways and roads.

cape dune mole rat showing its teeth

The test found that both of the mole rats could not penetrate the mesh, giving conclusive evidence to show that ClearMesh is an ideal rodent pest control product.

Rodent Pest Control Underground

The mesh was also tested for its anti-corrosive properties and eco-friendliness as it was placed underground to create a barrier against burrowing mole rats. 

The experiment was a test of the overall efficiency of ClearMesh as a long term pest control product. Efficiency was graded in regards to life cycle cost, environmental friendliness, mole penetration resistance, constructibility and commercial availability.

Installation times were much quicker in comparison to other materials, the mesh did not interrupt the natural underground movement of water, preventing the ground from becoming waterlogged.

rodent pest control mesh being installed into the ground

Whilst underground, the mesh still has not rusted or eroded, due to the anti-corrosive and weather resistant properties of stainless steel. The product was scored a 4.4 out of 5 for overall efficiency.

Predator Proof Enclosures

One of the greatest benefits of using ClearMesh is its ability to protect against rodents, predators and some insects. One of our customers noted that since using ClearMesh they noticed that they were no longer finding maggots in their falcon aviary. 

Plastic nettings or welded meshes are either weak enough for predators to chew through, or the holes are large enough for them to pass through. With the correct ClearMesh product, you can protect your birds/animals against local predators and pests.

A perfect example of this is the RSPB Gough Island project, where our mesh is currently being used to protect vulnerable sea chicks from mice.

You can download the results of our South Africa Cape Dune Mole Rat test here.